Friday, June 25, 2010

Holes and Dirt

As I've mentioned before, we're in the midst of some remodeling at our house. We're finishing our basement to add a big bedroom for the boys down there and remodeling the upstairs to have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms instead of the 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom that it has now. Hubby is doing the work ... and I'm documenting it on my camera. :)

Because we're putting a bedroom in the basement, we have to put in an egress window. This means Hubby had to dig a big hole (4 ft wide x 5 ft out from the house x about 7 ft deep at the deepest point) in order the install the 4 ft square window and do all the drainage/grading work.

One day at the beginning of June when he was digging, I went outside to find Oldest Son had posted a warning.

(The sign says, "DEEP HOLE AHEAD.")
Warning Sign

Too funny! And it fits in with the "Signs of the Times" theme this week at Thematic Photographic. (Follow the link to see more photographs of signs.)

Thankfully, digging of "The Hole" is now done. Most of the kids helped at one time or another with bits and pieces of the digging.
Kids Digging

However, the 2 younger boys had more fun playing in the dirt pile than digging the hole.

When I said something about it to Hubby, he said that playing in a dirt pile was fun! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised because, when he was little, he wanted to dig holes for a living when he grew up!

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Aunt Snow said...

Great sign!! And it looks like fun. Good way to get the kids involved.