Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paper Mama: Sleepy

This weeks challenge: Sleepy.

Since this is a mama blog all the challenges will be based around your children. Now, I'm not too picky on what you call your children. As far as I'm concerned my cats and dog are my kids too!

The challenge: Take or find a photo that has your little one(s) being sleepy or sleeping.

My husband took this picture of the boys sleeping in the youngest's bed one morning. We did put them to bed in their own separate beds the night before!

3 in the Bed

We're currently in the process of remodeling our home to finish our basement (adding a bedroom) and make bigger bedrooms upstairs. Maybe we should rethink this if the boys are all going to sleep in the same bed anyway!

For more "Sleepy" pictures, visit Paper Mama.


beingzaraandzidan said...

oo this is soo cute! natural!
I have joined in too
Plz do visit

The Mommy said...

Adorable!! Made smile, real wide:)

The Paper Mama said...

How cute is that! That is so cute that they all ended up in bed together. Thanks for playing!