Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Colors of Fall

One thing I really like about where I live is the change of seasons. Although I'm usually tired of winter by February, I do appreciate the unique beauty in all 4 seasons ... and the beauty of fall is some of the most vibrant!

I recently took this photo of just some of the colorful leaves around here. I love how the green moss they are lying on seems to make the leaves' color pop even more.

colorful fall leaves

This photo is my submission for the "Vivid Color" photo challenge over at Perceptive Perspective.



Kayla Sue said...

Girl I'm tired of winter by January:) Winter is fun until Christmas, but once New Years hits it can go away!!

Great shots:)

Beth Eaton said...

There is something about the moss that makes it so much more surreal than just leaves lying on the grass. I love it!