Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Wedding

One of my oldest and best friends was married this past weekend. I suppose I should clarify when I say she's one of my oldest friends ... it's because I've known her for a long time, not because she's old! She and I met in 8th grade, we went to high school for 4 years together and roomed together for 4 years of college.

In the past 5 years, my dear friend has battled and defeated a 3 very serious health issues. Last year she met the love of her life, and she is now living her happily ever after.

I was not her wedding photographer, but I took my camera along, of course, and took all kinds of pictures. I really struggled with the lighting on some of these pictures, but they turned out okay.

Also, with all of the orange in these pictures, I'm entering them for this week's "Orange" photo challenge over at You Capture.

Just Married

Table centerpiece
Table decorations

The Sweetheart Table (for the bride and groom)
Head Table decorations

Crystal Goblet

Head Table sign

All those leaves on the cake were fondant!
Wedding cake

Every groom should look at his bride like this!
First dance

Bride and Groom

College friends (Hubby took this one.) - That's me, second from the left.
College friends

One of my friends took a picture of our family for us with my camera before the reception started.
Our family 10/16/10

It was such a beautiful day! The weather was perfect and we were able to celebrate such a happy occasion with many dear friends.


~Dinah said...

I recognize all those beautiful ladies in the 2nd to last photograph! :)

Glad it was a wonderful day for everyone!

Sheila said...


I saw your blog on Kate's page. You are so talented!! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! So is your family!
Sheila V

Teresa said...

Those pictures were wonderful. It looks like it was a perfect day!

Deborah said...

Great Day, those "happily ever after" ones! You can read deep JOY in the faces. Super to see you with your gal friends! You look so sleek and sophisticated! Your family pic was good too. "Them babies is growin' up too soon"! as they say down he-yah!