Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photography Class Assignments

Remember when I mentioned that I'd signed up to take an online photography class this fall? Well the class has started! Hooray!

This week we are studying and experimenting with aperture and f-stops.

Below are this week's assignments that I've completed so far.

Wk1 Dy1-01 cr f/4

Same shot at f/11
Wk1 Dy1-02 cr f/11

See the difference in the backgrounds?

f/5.6 (optional assignment)
Wk1 Dy2 cr f/5.6

Wk1 Dy3-01 cr f/5

Same shot at f/16
Wk1 Dy3-02 cr f/16

I still have one more required assignment to complete before Monday and two more optional ones.


Little Wonder said...

This is exactly why I am still in want of my DSLR!

On a side note: our community ed program is offering an SLR class this year...I would love to go 'cept I still don't have a camera. :( You do beautiful work!

Barb Phillips said...

You're doing great work in our class. Excited to learn from you and the others.

Kristin said...

Looks like a fun, informative class! :)