Thursday, July 15, 2010

Photography Class

I've been wanting to take a photography class for quite a while. I've looked at the class offerings at our local community college as well as our town's park and rec classes. Usually the photography classes weren't really what I wanted. Most of them had to do with learning how to upload your pictures onto your computer and email them or share them online with others. I already know how to do that. I want a photography class about composition, lighting, shutter speeds, f-stops, etc. Although I've read a number of photography books, I really want to take a class that tackles these topics.

Lo and behold, Faith at Simplicity: My Life in (Mostly) Photographs is offering a photography class this fall for SLR photographers that will teach how to use the manual settings on your SLR camera.

I'm so excited! I've already registered for the class and paid the extremely reasonable fee of $22. Be sure to click on the button above if you're interested in registering for the class or want more info.


Kristin said...

That looks like fun! It really helps to understand all those bells and whistles. :)

Twain12 said...

enjoy the class...i took one a while back and still realize i'm no good with details lol