Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo Shoot with the Youngest

In recent years I've stopped going to the portrait studios in Penney's and Wal-mart and have begun taking my own pics of our children for their yearly portraits. I don't buy their school pictures either ... way too expensive (especially with five kids) and not always the greatest quality either.

This afternoon I took the Youngest outside to take his portrait pics. It was very overcast (in fact, we had to wait a little bit for the sprinkles to stop) which I thought would help avoid shadows. Since I didn't take any pictures with the sky in them, it didn't matter that the sky was white and gray with clouds instead of blue.

I used my fixed 50mm f/1.4 lens for the whole photo shoot.

2010 Youngest PS-01

2010 Youngest PS-03

2010 Youngest PS-04

2010 Youngest PS-05

2010 Youngest PS-07

2010 Youngest PS-08

2010 Youngest PS-10

2010 Youngest PS-11

What do you think? Which do you like the best? I'm debating between a couple of them.

These pictures are also my submission to Perceptive Perspective's "Kids" theme.

Now I have to find the time take the other kids out one by one for their own photo shoots!


Hollie said...

I never buy any either. My mom and sister think I'm crazy for not buying school shots - but why? I do a better job for pennies!!

Great shots! Totally shows his personality too - school shots will NEVER do that!

Teresa said...

My favorite is the second from the bottom. It just oozes adorable!

Deborah said...

Number one and number four, Melanie you are TERRIFIC! God has given you a gift and an opportunity!