Monday, August 16, 2010

And the Walls Came A-Tumbling Down

We are in the midst of a BIG remodeling project which we are doing ourselves. Please note that "we" means Hubby is doing the bulk of the demolition and building, the kids help here and there as do I, and I am chronicling the process with my camera. I am also picking out colors, decor, fixtures, etc. and will help Hubby with the painting. (We've painted almost all of the rooms in this house now and have it down to a science.)

Our house is a tri-level that actually has a fourth level which is the basement under the main living room/kitchen level. That basement level is unfinished. We are finishing it, dividing it up into a large bedroom for the boys, a laundry room, storage room, and hallway.

Hubby has dug a hole for and installed an egress window and finished the stud walls and duct work in the basement. Here is how the basement looks now:

Looking down the step into the basement hallway - Storage room is on the left, boys' room straight ahead, laundry room on right (There is a door on the laundry room now.)

In the boys' room, looking toward the closet - There will be bifold doors in front of the furnace on the left.

Egress window on the left, furnace on the right

Furnace is on the left out of the picture, door to the hallway is on the left, closet door on the right

The work in the basement has been put on hold for now until Hubby gets the upstairs to the same point because he wants to get all the electrical work and plumbing done at the same time.

The upstairs is currently 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. (We have another bathroom off our family room.) We are remodeling it so that it is 2 bedrooms (master and girls' room) and 2 bathrooms (master bath and another in the hall).

This past week Hubby knocked down the walls and closet separating the girls' old room and ours. The girls are temporarily sleeping in a blocked off corner of the family room.

Here is a look at what used to be two bedrooms upstairs:

Taken from the corner of the girls' room looking through the closet into the master bedroom

Taken from a corner of our room looking into the hallway and the girls' room

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Twain12 said...

lots of work but I'm sure it will be beautiful when finished. Happy renovating