Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 4 Photography Class Assignments

This week was the final week of the photography class I'm taking, and we focused on white balance.

We had to take a photo in unnatural light with a bad white balance and then with a good white balance.

Bad white balance - SOOC
Wk4 Dy1-01 cr

Good white balance - SOOC
Wk4 Dy1-02 cr

Then we were assigned to take pictures in natural light with two different types of white balances.

First white balance - SOOC
Wk4 Dy3-01 cr

Second white balance - SOOC
Wk4 Dy3-02 cr

For our final assignment, we were to go on a photo walk and make a mosaic of some of the pictures we took while on our walk.

The leaves are really starting to change, and the colors are beautiful!
photo walk mosaic cr


Little Wonder said...

My eye for white balance is really bad when I edit my own photos. I love your did you do that?

Kayla Sue said...

Oh gosh, I SO need to take a class on this!! I struggle with white balance all the time!! Where are you taking classes?

I'm a new reader, nice to "meet" you!

Melanie said...

Little Wonder, the lady giving the class referred us to to do the mosaics, so that's what I used. I think there might be some others out there that I might like better though. I've never used any before, but I've seen the results of others who have, and I didn't really care for the options at this site compared to what I've seen others do.

Kayla Sue, welcome, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm taking Simplicity's SLR photography class.

Vicki said...

Great pictures! I bought a Cannon
T1i. Will be taking some pictures at the Chicago Marathon this week-end.