Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend of Water Fun

Some friends of ours have a lake cottage that has been in their family for 3 or 4 generations. (It was either our friend's grandfather or great-grandfather who built it.) They invited us to spend Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend there with them. We've been there with them before, and we jumped at the chance to go again!

Saturday was pretty cool, but some of the older kids were brave enough to do some tubing.

Lake 2010-02

Lake 2010-03

Meanwhile, some of the younger kids were just thrilled to ride along in the speedboat.

(Oldest Son was trying to warm up after tubing.)
Lake 2010-01

When not tubing the kids spent much of the time in and out of the paddleboat, canoe, and docked pontoon boat. The cottage's lake frontage is wonderful for kids because you can walk out 100 ft, and the water is still only about 5 ft deep ... very shallow. However, we did have the kids wear life preservers when playing around by the shore, on the pier, and in the boats.

The Oldest and Oldest Son taking some of the younger kids for a canoe ride
Lake 2010-04

Attack of the water gun soldiers!
Lake 2010-06

Lake 2010-05

The weather was warmer on Sunday, and all of the kids except for the Youngest took turns riding on the "hot dog." We adults and the kids who weren't riding the hot dog enjoyed cruising on the pontoon boat as it pulled the hot dog behind.

Lake 2010-09

Lake 2010-10
(This one is my entry into Paper Mama's "Excitement" photo challenge.)

Lake 2010-07

Lake 2010-08

Some of the kids even got to spend some time fishing off the pier and some of the docked boats.

Lake 2010-13

Lake 2010-12

Lake 2010-11

What an awesome, fun weekend!

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Vicki said...

Looks like you had 2 wonderful days! Thanks for sharing. :)