Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Oldest's and Oldest Son's Photo Shoots

My photo shoots with the Oldest and Oldest Son were definitely more work than those of the younger three.

I took Oldest Son out one evening last week for his turn. After a couple of pictures at one place, we walked to a different location for some more pics, but he forgot he was wearing sandals that didn't have much traction, and he slipped and hurt his knee when he hit it on a picnic table when trying to jump over it. (No, that was not something I asked him to do for an action shot!) No more pictures of him that night, so we walked back home, and I thought we could quickly get the Oldest's pics done.

She and I did shoot a bunch of pics, and went home happy, but when I loaded the photos onto my computer and compared them to the ones I'd taken of the younger three kids, I was not happy with the lighting in her photos. They looked washed out and faded. I think we'd just stayed outside too late, and there wasn't enough light. I tried to fix them with my photo editor, but I couldn't get them to look right. So the next night she, Oldest Son, and I all went out together to try and get some good shots.

I did the Oldest first this time, and I'm really happy with how her portraits turned out.

Oldest 2010 PS-01

Oldest 2010 PS-12

Oldest 2010 PS-03

Oldest 2010 PS-04

Oldest 2010 PS-05

I can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture!
Oldest 2010 PS-06

And then it was Oldest Son's turn. Let's just say it would probably be easier pulling teeth than it is to try and take his portraits when having his picture taken isn't his idea! I'm not sure if it was more torturous for him or for me! It was hard, but thankfully I did manage to get a few of him cracking a smile.

Oldest Son 2010 PS-01

Oldest Son 2010 PS-02

Oldest Son 2010 PS-03

Oldest Son 2010 PS-04

Oldest Son 2010 PS-05

Oldest Son 2010 PS-06

The way Oldest Son would prefer I take his picture
Oldest Son 2010 PS-07

Okay, time to weigh in. What do you think? Your favs?


Carmi said...

You've captured their souls in these series of photos. Seriously...such wonderful glimpses of two very relatable kids.

I like the last one of your daughter for the same reason you do: She really does look older. She has a gravity to her than really comes through in this photo.

The hoodie photo does it for me, too. He could be any kid, and it's the kind of scene that just makes me laugh. There's great joy in this moment.

Melany said...

Oh my goodness! When did they get to be this grown-up!? I thought our kids were still little!