Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living Room Redecorating

As I've mentioned before, we are in the midst of finishing the basement and remodeling the upstairs level of our house. Redecorating the living room was not on the radar. However, after taking the kids' yearly portraits, I decided I wanted to hang them in the living room on the large wall. I also wanted to get rid of a shelf, but that threw the balance of things off, so almost all the furniture got rearranged!

Anyway ... here are some BEFORE pictures of the wall.
Living Room - BEFORE #1

Living Room - BEFORE #2

And now for the AFTER pictures ...
Living Room - AFTER #1

Living Room - AFTER #2

What's different?
  • Black and white portraits of the kids and one from our wedding in new floating frames on the wall

  • New clock

  • New stand lamp in the corner (The old one is next to the large couch which is now under the window opposite the loveseat.)

  • Finally, after 13 years of marriage, figured out what to do with the "rain" window that was given to us as a wedding present and hung it on the wall next to the black and white pictures (Sometimes I still wonder why we kept the window when we never knew how to display it, but it has meaning behind it.)

  • Rearranged piano, big couch, loveseat, rockers, and most lamps

  • Packed away the Precious Moments figurines and moved the large wooden cabinet out of the corner (Hope to use it in the girls' room once it's finished)

I really like how it turned out. I think getting rid of the wooden cabinet and redecorating the large wall makes the living room look and feel more open. I really like the black and white pics in the frames, and I think the redecorated wall makes the room look a little more classy.

Your thoughts?

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Little Wonder said...

It look more "modern" style now vs almost a "country" style before?? I like it! We are in the process of redoing our bedroom's decorating and shoot, I always forget to take the BEFORE pictures!!