Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy to Be Four

The Youngest celebrated his fourth birthday at the beginning of this month. He was SO happy and excited to be turning four!

When asked before his birthday what kind of cake he wanted, he said, "Lellow." Frosting? "Lellow." Anything else on the cake? "No, just lellow." So a yellow cake with yellow frosting it was!

Youngest's 4th Birthday
Notice he is wearing a yellow shirt. We even put yellow candles on the cake even though they're not in this picture. Bet you can't guess his favorite color! ;)

Today is Faith at Simplicity's birthday, and her photo challenge theme for the week is "Birthday." Be sure to head on over and wish her a happy birthday as well as check out all the other birthday pics.

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Faith said...

Oh, how sweet! He looks so happy. Four was a great age for most of my kids. Thanks for linking up :)