Friday, July 23, 2010


The Thursday Challenge for this week: "HOT" (High Temperature, Campfire, Stove, Oven, Sun, Hot Air Balloon,...)

Well, sparklers have fire, and fire is hot, so that's my reasoning behind submitting this pic I took of Hubby making a figure 8 with a sparkler during our 4th of July celebration. (And, of course, I think Hubby's pretty "HOT", too!) ;)


I set the camera to have a longer exposure time in order to get the streaks. It's one of my first times experimenting with trying to capture the fire trails made by sparklers and fireworks. I know this pic isn't the greatest because of the funny spots in the middle and upper left portion, but I do like how the trails of fire turned out.

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Twain12 said...

turned out great :)