Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Family on Vacation

Thanks for being so patient while I've been going through all the pictures I took while on our vacation to Glacier, cropping and editing them.

This week's photo theme at Thematic Photographic is "Family." (Click on the link to see more participants in the "Family" theme.)

I've chosen "family" as this week's Thematic Photographic theme because as time goes on, I realize little else matters beyond this. It's the one constant in most of our lives, the one foundation on which all the other good things - career, health, interests, etc. - are ultimately built. Many of us are lucky to be surrounded by strong families, while others, sadly, wish that could be the case.

Since I tend to wear the family thing on my sleeve, anyway, I thought it might be fun to explore it for the next week. As you both capture and choose which photos to share - and let's be clear, you're free to participate as often as you wish - please give some thought to the definition of family. Specifically, it doesn't always necessarily have to be someone directly related to you.

What better way to showcase some of my favorite pics of some of my favorite people from our trip?

We stayed at the Izaak Walton Inn. It had a pool table in the basement that got much use from us in the mornings, especially by our Oldest Son.
Pool Shark

We stopped at many lakes and rivers while on our trip. The kids (and Hubby) had fun playing on their shores.
By the River

Something for everyone to do
Something for Everyone

Looking for treasures
Looking for Treasures

I counted to three and all three boys were supposed to throw a rock in the water at the same time. This shot looks like an image progression of the a toss instead.
Throwing Rocks

All tuckered out after a long day of hiking
Tuckered Out

The main reason we went to Glacier was to see the mountains.
(Hubby took this picture of our Middle Child at Logan Pass.)
Mountain Man

We walked the Trail of the Cedars. Here the kids are resting like bumps on a log.

Bumps on a Log

I like this pic because it shows their different personalities:
Younger Daughter=a bit of a diva/princess
Youngest=happy and willing to go along with whatever the big kids are doing
Oldest Son=does NOT like having his picture taken unless it's his idea
Middle Child=goofy personality and doesn't care what others think (Just look at the socks!)

Our family at Many Glacier

(We asked someone who was standing nearby to take this picture of all of us.)
Family at Many Glacier

Our bookend children taking a rest while on one of our many hikes
Our Bookends

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Canadian Mark said...

Great pictures of what looks like a wonderful trip. I can't wait for my little ones to be old enough to engage in adventure like this.