Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Perceptive Perspective has "Critters" at its photo theme for this week.

We have a bunch of coneflowers planted in the flowerbed in front of our living room window. This year a whole bunch of butterflies discovered it and decided to make it their playground. Sometimes when you walk past, atleast 6 butterflies fly up out of the flowers. Today I snapped some pretty nice pictures with my telephoto lens.

Butterfly #1

This one is my favorite because I love how the depth of field almost makes the flower with the butterfly on it look like it is floating out of clouds.
Butterfly #2

Butterfly #3

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Hollie said...

Gorgeous! Great depth of field! Great color!

Muriel said...

Beautiful shots, the color is amazing in these.

Alice said...

wow! these are incredible!